Custom Edging Trim Shapes

Decortrim provides your business with all-in-one custom services. Start by choosing a recommended shape for the area where the tile or flooring is installed, or a popular style in the retail market.

On-Demanding Shapes

for Practical Construction

Our inventory of moldings on-the-shelf at Decortrim is so broad and deep, that what you assume is a custom extrusion may actually be a standard and ready to ship.

Or, we can custom the shape you need. Decortrim gives you access to more than 10,000 extruder shapes. If you truly need a custom die and extrusion, we will help you design and engineer it.

Your Shapes. Your Custom Project.



The straight or L-Shape trim features a slightly sloping vertical wall that provides a sharp feel while protecting the tiles on the border.

Finding your matching shape? we've got more than you can see here.Contact us for more!



You can use the square profile for floor, walls or counters. The clean borders offer the exterior corners a modern and attractive view.



The profile of the R-Shape is often called bullnose, an attractive alternative to traditional tile bullnose.



The U-Shape Profile is designed to transform a tiled floor into a slightly lower floor. Provides tile edge protection and helps protect the tile.



T-Shape profile is the perfect solution to cover the same height gap between two floors. It is easy to install and can be installed before or after laying the tile.



This step profile is designed to complete and protect the corners of ceramic and stone counters and staircases. The edge of the trim is of a symmetrical straight form which corresponds to the ordinary V-Shape trim bull.

Right Shapes for Right Area

  • Walls

  • Floor

  • Stair

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Decortrim has served countless industries including OEM manufacturing, store fixture, store display, commercial millwork, woodworkers, sign manufacturers and more. Whether you require custom extrusions or standard trims, we meet your requirements on time, on spec, on budget.

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