PVC Curved Open Shape Tile Trim YJ-RT
1 12
PVC Curved Open Shape Tile Trim YJ-RT
2 18
3 7

PVC Curved Open Shape Tile Trim YJ-RT


Item: YJ-RT
Punching Hole: round,triangle,square,or customized.
Color: Various Plain, marble, wooden, golden and silver
Length: 2.5 meters/piece, or customized
Packing: 50pcs one carton,profiles packed with shrinkable film,outside with brown carton.
Punching: Round holes, Triangle, Square, or customized logo punching
Thickness: 1mm
Function: decorate and protect the tile edge

  • Simple and easy for installation
  • Attractive and elegant looking
  • Nice straighness and smoothness
  • High corrosion resistance,high weather resistance and ruable
  • Surface can be modeled on a variety of natural textures, such as natural wood,delicate as fat,noble,such as jade,luxuruious and graceful,magnificent,natural and elegant,color changable.
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Color Options

  • Aluminum Material

    • Anodize

      • anodize bronze
        anodize bronze
      • anodize light gold
        anodize light gold
      • anodize rose gold
        anodize rose gold
      • anodize silver
        anodize silver
      • anodize silver
        anodize titanium
    • Brush

      • brush black
        brush black
      • brush bronze
        brush bronze
      • brush gold
        brush gold
      • brush rose red
        brush rose red
      • brush silver
        brush silver
    • Hammer

      • hammer champagne
        hammer champagne
      • hammer rose red
        hammer rose red
      • hammer silver
        hammer silver
    • Polish

      • polish black
        polish black
      • polish brown
        polish brown
      • polish gold
        polish gold
      • polish rose red
        polish rose red
      • polish silver
        polish silver
    • Powder Coat

      • white
        powder coat-white
      • powder coat-1
        powder coat-1
      • powder coat-3
        powder coat-3
      • powder coat-4
        powder coat-4
      • powder coat-5
        powder coat-5
    • Wood Grain

      • wood grain-w03
        wood grain-w03
      • wood grain-w04
        wood grain-w04
      • wood grain-w08
        wood grain-w08
      • wood grain-w12
        wood grain-w12
      • wood grain-w14
        wood grain-w14
  • PVC

    • Marble Grain

      • marble grain-220#
        marble grain-220#
      • marble grain-24#
        marble grain-24#
      • marble grain-4#
        marble grain-4#
      • marble grain-82#
        marble grain-82#
      • marble grain-j4
        marble grain-j4
    • Plain Color

      • plain color-brown
        plain color-brown
      • plain color-burgundy
        plain color-burgundy
      • plain color-cream
        plain color-cream
      • plain color-ivory
        plain color-ivory
      • plain color-white
        plain color-white
  • Stainless Steel

    • Brush Finish

      • 1-brush black
        brush black
      • 2-brush gold
        brush gold
      • 3-brush rose red
        brush rose red
      • 4-brush silver
        brush silver
    • Mirror Finish

      • 8k black
        8k black
      • 8k gold
        8k gold
      • 8k silver
        8k silver

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